jokes for kids , jokes for kids: Kids are natural comedians so why not encourage them to get funny with these kid-approved quips that require little to no explanation from parents. Don’t be surprised if the comedy sketch goes beyond today! Scroll down for our smoothest and corniest jokes yet, 100 jokes for kids


Question: why did Thor go to the hospital?
Answer: because he’s a doctor.

Question: who do houses call when they need help?
Answer: the supermarket.

A child calls the laundry:

-Hello. Is this where you wash your clothes?

-No, they answer him.

-Hala !, well that pigs.

A child asks his father:

-Papa, dad, how do you say dog in English?

-Very easy son, dog.

-And how do you call yourself a veterinarian?


A child arrives from school and tells his mother:

-Mama, mama, I have good and bad news, why do I start?

-For the good son.

-I have 10 in English.

– Son, and what is the bad one?

-Easy, that’s a lie.

What makes a vampire driving a tractor? Sow fear

I’m scared of that sport of swords … – Sword? -No, no, rather fear.

A child tells his mother: -Mom, mom, how delicious is the paella. And his mother answers him: – Son, it repeats. And the son says -Mom, mom, how delicious is the paella.

Juanito enters class shouting:

-Profe, teacher, I just got robbed in the hall.

The teacher answers him. -What did you get Jaimito?


What’s the name of Bruce Lee’s vegetarian cousin? Well, Bronco Lee.

What does a cook do when he is sad? Pouts

– A mouse tells a rat: 
What are you doing sitting there? 
– I’m waiting a little while.

What does a worm say to another worm? 
– I’m going to go around the block.

Jaimito arrives so happy at home after playing a football game and tells his father:

– Dad, I played a great game. I have been the top scorer of the match. I have scored 3 goals.

And his father answers: – How are you doing?

-We’ve lost 2-1.

A teacher asks her students:

-What is the letter E?

-And all answer, a vocal teacher.

-And what is the letter K?

-And Jaimito answers a letter that can not be repeated.

This Jaimito going into an optician and says:

-Good morning sir, I need glasses.

-For the Sun?

-They are not for me.

– Hey, is it 2-22-22-22 ?? – Yes it’s here. – Perfect. Why tell me how to get your finger out of 2?

jokes for kids ,

Question: why can’t you give Elsa balloon?
Answer: Because she’s gon na let it go.

Question: this robber was so dumb?
Answer: that he stole the mannequin because he didn’t want to leave any

Question: Why was the man running around his bed?
Answer: Because he tried to catch his sleep

Question: we Shalimar each with its tail?
Answer: all of them because they can take it out.

Question: what has four wheels and flies?
Answer: a garbage truck.

Question: this man is so low?
Answer: that he can’t even take quick showers.

Question: what animal needs a week?
Answer: the bald eagle

Question: what do you call a thousand astronauts on the moon
Answer: a full moon.

Question: this boy is such a dummy
Answer: that he puts eyes on his head to keep a fresh mind.

Question: why did the astronaut say to his girlfriend?
Answer: you make me see stars.

Question: why do you call a pig that knows karate
Answer: pork chop.

Question: what did the needle say to the balloon
Answer: pop.

Question: breathe breath?
Answer: we loved him.

Question: what game console goes to the playground
Answer: wiiiiii

Question: where to fish keep their money?
Answer: in the river bank.

Question: what did the doorbell say to the finger?
Answer: donot touch me or I will scream.

Question:  hey are you having a bad day?
Answer: yes I have diarrhea.

Question: this was a man so bad so bad,
Answer: that his own email went to the spam folder.

Question: why does Google say when it’s happy?
Answer: yeah, yahooooo.

Question: these corn firefighter went to put out a fire?
Answer: and he became popcorn.

Question: What is a cow’s favorite day ?
      Answer: Moo years Day!
Jokes For Kids,funny jokes
Jokes For Kids

Question: why did the battery win the race?
Answer: because it had a lot of energy

Question: Peter tell me what your biggest flaw ?
Answer: well I like to interrupt all the people’s conversations hey don’t
be so nosey.

Question: What is the snakes favorite subject ?
Answer: Hiss-story

Question: What is a cat’s favorite movie ?
Answer: The sound of Mew-sic.

Question: Why did the lamb cross the road?
Answer: To get to the Baaaarber shop.

Question: Where do you put barking dogs ?
Answer: In a barking lot.

Question: What is a cheetahs favorite food ?
Answer: fast food!

Question: Why  could not the pony sing himself a lullaby ?
Answer: He was a little hoarse.

jokes for kids,funny jokes
jokes for kids

Question: why did a bad chick say to another
Answer: don’t cross the line.

Question: how do you catch a fish with your computer?
Answer: using the Internet.

Question: mommy I wanna have a slit on my back like my little brother
Answer: porky I’ve told you that’s not your little brother
that’s your piggy bank.

Question: why did the battery win the race?
Answer: because it had a lot of energy.

Question: Peter tell me what your biggest flaw?
Answer: well I like to interrupt all the people’s conversations they don’t be so nosey.

Question: this shelf is so ugly?
Answer: that he makes the onions cry.

Question: why did the zero say to the eight
Answer: hey nice belt.

Question: why did the cat detective pass away?
Answer: because curiosity killed the cat.

Question: why do shower extreme in salt water?
Answer: Because pepper water makes them sneeze.

Question: what movie are we gonna watch
Answer: I wanna watch killer unicorns, and what’s it about? that’s about a shark that wants to be a clown,

Question: why is Thor flying to his farm?
Answer: to drive his truck for.

Question: what did the fork say to the jelly
Answer: stop shaking you, coward.

Question: why is the ghost a bad liar?
Answer: because you can see right through him.

Question: this man is such a dummy?
Answer: that he sprinkles sugar under his pillow to have sweet dreams.

Question: What goes tick-tock, bow-wow, tick-tock, bow-wow ?
      Answer: A watch dog.
jokes for kids,funny jokes
jokes for kids

A child enters a shop and says to the seller: 
– I want to buy glasses, please.

The seller asks: 
– For the sun?

And the boy answers: 
– No. For me!

In the school the teacher asks: 
– Maria, tell me a word that has many “o”.

And Maria responds: 
-Goloso, profe. 
– Very good, Maria. Now you Pepito.

Pepito keeps thinking and says … 

– Mom, mom, there are some extraterrestrials at the door.

– Oh, son, and what did they say?

– That they are from the planet Agostini and they want to talk to you !!

A child asks his mother: 
– Mom, mom, what do you have in your belly?

-It’s a baby son. 
And you love him a lot?

-If so, I love him very much. 
Ahm … And why did you eat it?

– Mom, how good is the paella?

– Well, repeat son, repeat.

– Mom, how good is the paella?

Do you know what a Jaguar says to another? “Jaguar you?”
what is the name of ETE’s dad? Donate ..
Two prisoners in jail and one says to the other: – Hey, why are you here? – Well, for the same reason as you. Because they will not let me out !!!

A child asks his father

-What does it mean syntax?

– What do you have to take the bus?

-Thank dad, you’re the best.

– Dad, what does it feel to have such a handsome and good son?

-I do not know son, better ask your grandfather.

-Jaimito, what planet goes after Mars?

-Easy young lady, “Miercole.”

A teacher asks Jaimito:

-Jaimito, if in one hand I have 6 oranges and in another, I have 8 oranges. What do I have?

And Jaimito answers: – Teacher, what you have are some very big hands.

Why is the broom so happy? -Because it’s running.

A boy goes by bicycle and says to his mother: -Mom, mother, without hands! -Mom, mom, no legs! Suddenly he falls on his face, gets up and says -Mom, mom, no teeth!


Elementary School Jokes For Kids :

1. – Why does not SpongeBob have a greenback? -Because if I had the greenback it would be ScotchBrite.

2. – Why is the broom happy? -Because it’s running.

3. -What is the last letter of the alphabet? -The ‘o’. – … Is not it the ‘z’? -Of course not. If not, it would be ‘abecedarioz’.


4. A boy goes by bicycle and says to his mother: -Mom, mother, without hands! -Mom, mom, no legs! Suddenly he falls on his face, gets up and says -Mom, mom, no teeth!

5. Two classmates talk on the street after an exam. – How was your test? -Very bad, I left everything blank. -Mother of mine! Surely the teacher will think we copied.

6. The telephone rings: – Hello? -Hello, is this where you wash your clothes? -Do not. -Hala! Well, what pigs.

7. He was such a gaffe man, but so jolly, so jolly, that he sat in a haystack and stuck the needle!

8. How do you say ‘dog’ in English? -Dog. -And how do you call yourself a veterinarian? -Very easy. Dog-tor.

9. A child comes to his house and says to his mother: -Mom, I have good news and other bad news. – Tell me the good one first. -I’ve got a ten in math. -And what is the bad one? -That’s a lie.

We hope that these childish jokes make your children or students laugh, the world of jokes is very broad and you can find jokes for kids on almost any occasion. It is always a good way to break the ice and relieve tensions in class, so you can give a touch of humor to early risers and homework.

For example, we can find short jokes for children set in Halloween:

jokes for elementary school kids on Halloween

On Halloween scares, fear and terrifying characters are common, but who says we can not laugh at them? The particular lifestyle of these characters (you know, drink blood, dress with sheets, etc) gives us a laugh at your expense. For this, we have compiled 10 jokes for little and not so small children about Halloween characters and their fears. Get together with your friends and share these jokes to take away the fear of the scariest of your companions … I’m sure you’ll even have someone new to you.

1. What does a vampire baby play with? With red blood cells.

2. What makes a vampire driving a tractor? Sow fear

3. How are a witch and a few days of vacation? In which the two go flying.

4. What is the height of a vampire? None, because vampires do not have high, they have fangs.

5. Why do skeletons not like rainy days? Because they are shattered to the bone.

6. What does a vampire ask for when he enters a bar? A blood vessel

7. I’m torn to pieces! Signed: Frankenstein.

8.-I am afraid of that sport of swords … -Do you fight? -No, no, rather fear.

9. These are two ghosts … … and the one from the MEDIUM fell silent

10. What does one ghost tell another? “Do you believe in people?”

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