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jokes for kids,funny jokes

jokes for kids: Kids are natural comedians so why not encourage them to get funny with these kid-approved quips that require little to no explanation from parents. Just don’t be surprised when the comedy sketch goes beyond today! Scroll down for our silliest and corniest jokes yet,100+ jokes for kids

L-O-L Book of Jokes for Kids

1. Question: What do you call a baby bear without teeth?

    Answer: A gummy bear!
2. Question: What do you call a west alligator?
    Answer: An Investigator.
3. Question: What’s the gap between a guitar and a fish?
    Answer: You can not tuna fish.
4. Question: When a cat wins a dog show, what is it called?
    Answer: A CAT-HAS_TROPHY!
5. Question: What do you get if you cross a fish and an elephant?
    Answer: Swimming trunks.
6. Question: What do you call a baby monkey ?
    Answer: A Chimp off the old block.
7. Question: What do you get if you cross a cow and a duck?
    Answer: Milk and quackers!
8. Question: What are you doing if your dog chews a dictionary?
    Answer: Take the words out of  his mouth!
9. Question: What are you calling a fish without an eye?
    Answer: Fsh!
10. Question: Why did the cow cross the road?
      Answer: To get to the udder side.
11. Question: Where do mice park their boats ?
      Answer: At the hickory dickory dock.
12. Question: What is a cow’s favorite day ?
      Answer: Moo years Day!
Jokes For Kids,funny jokes
Jokes For Kids
13. Question: Where did the sheep go on vacation ?
      Answer: The Baaaa-hamas
jokes for kids,funny jokes
jokes for kids
14. Question: What do you call a thieving alligator ?
      Answer: A crookodile.
15. Question: What goes tick-tock, bow-wow, tick-tock, bow-wow ?
      Answer: A watch dog.
jokes for kids,funny jokes
jokes for kids
16. Question: What do you call a cow that eats your grass?
      Answer: A lawn moo-er.
17. Question: How does a dog stop a video ?
      Answer: He Presses the “paws” button.
18. Question: Why do cows go to the theatre ?
      Answer: To see the moo-sicals!
19. Question: What is the snakes favorite subject ?
       Answer: Hiss-story
20. Question: Why does a dog wag its tail ?
      Answer: Because there’s no one else to wag it for him.
21. Question: What is a cat’s favorite movie ?
      Answer: The sound of Mew-sic.
22. Question: How does a mouse feel after it takes a shower ?
      Answer: Squeaky clean!
23. Question: Why did the lamb cross the road?
      Answer: To get to the Baaaarber shop.
24. Question: What has four legs and goes “Oom, Oom” ?
      Answer: A cow walking backwards!
25. Question: Where do you put barking dogs ?
      Answer: In a barking lot.
26. Question: What do you call  a pig that’s been arrested for dangerous driving ?
       Answer: A road hog.
27. Question: What is a cheetahs favorite food ?
      Answer: fast food!
28. Question: Why  could not the pony sing himself a lullaby ?
      Answer: He was a little hoarse.
29. Question: what is as big as an elephant but weighs nothing ?
      Answer: Its shadow!.
30. Question: What do you call a pig who knows karate ?
      Answer: Pork chop!
31. Question: Where does an elephant pack his luggage ?
      Answer: in his trunk!
32. Question: what did the peanut say to the elephant ?

      Answer: Nothing, Peanuts donot talk.

33. Question: What do you call  a deer with no eyes ?
      Answer: No I deer!
34. Question: Why was the cat afraid of the tree ?
      Answer: Because of its bark !
35. Question: How are elephants ans trees alike ?
      Answer: They both have trunks.
36. Question: What do you call an elephant in a phone booth ?

      Answer: stuck!

37. Question: What do you call a sleeping bull?

       Answer: A bulldozer!

38. Question: How do you stop a dog barking in the back seat of a car ?

      Answer: Put him in the front seat.

39. Question: What is the difference between a car and a bull ?

      Answer: A car only has one horn.

40. Question: What did the carrot say to the rabbit ?

      Answer: do you want to grab a bite ?

41. Question: What time is it when an elephant sits on your bed ?

      Answer: Time to get a new bed!

42. Question: Where does a ten ton elephant sit ?

      Answer: Anywhere it wants to !

43. Question: What do you get when you plant a frog?

      Answer: A cr-oak tree.

44. Question: What is the quietest kind of a dog ?

      Answer: A hush puppy.

45. Question:Why do cows wear bells?

      Answer: Because their horns donot work.

46. Question: Why do you bring fish to a party ?

      Answer: Because it goes good with chips.

47. Question: What would happen if pigs could fly ?

      Answer: The price of bacon would go up.

48. Question: Woe do you get a dog to stop digging in the garden ?

      Answer: Hide his shovel .

49. Question: How do you catch a squirrel ?

      Answer: Climb up a tee and act like a nut!

50. Question: Where do fish keep their money ?

      Answer: in a river bank!

51. Question: What kind of cat should you never play games with ?

      Answer: A cheetah!

52. Question: What part of a fish weighs the most ?

      Answer: The scales.

53. Question: What did the banana do when the monkey chased it ?

      Answer: A banana split!

54. Question: What do you call a gorilla wearing earmuffs?

      Answer: Anything you like, he can not hear you .

55. Question: Why are giraffes so slow to apologize ?

      Answer: It takes them a long time to awallow their pride.

56. Question: How did noah see the animals in the ark at night ?

      Answer: With flood lighting.

57. Question: What is the easiest way to count a herd of cattle ?

      Answer: with a calculator.

58. Question: What did the farmer call  the cow that would not give him any milk ?

       Answer: An udder failure.

59. Question: What do you get from a bad tempered shark ?

       Answer: As far away as possible .

60. Question: What did the sardine call the submarine ?

      Answer: A can of people.

61. Question: What fish only swims at night?

      Answer: A starfish.

62. Question: Why did the elephant leave the circus ?

      Answer: He was tired of working for peanuts.

63. Question: What did the cinderella fish wear to the ball ?

      Answer: Glass flippers.

64. Question:Why was the mouse afraid of the water ?

      Answer: Catfish .

65. Question: What Happened when the lion ate the comedian ?

      Answer: He felt funny.

66. Question: How many skunks does it take to make a big stink ?

      Answer: A phew.

67. Question: What has four legs and sunglasses ?

      Answer: A mouse on vacation .

68. Question: What do you call  a 400 pound gorilla?

      Answer: Sir.

69. Question: What is a cows favorite place?

      Answer: The moo-seum.

70. Question: That do fish take to stay healthy ?

      Answer: vitamin sea.

71. Question: What is a sharks favorite sandwich ?

      Answer: Peanut butter and Jellyfish.

72. Question:  What is a sharks favorite sandwich?

      Answer: Peanut butter and jellyfish.

73. Question: Where are sharks from ?

      Answer: Finland.

74. Question: What is King Arthurs favorite fish ?

      Answer: A swordfish .

75. Question: What does an octopus wear when it gets cold ?

      Answer: A coat of arms.

76. Question: What kind of dog always runs a fever ?

      Answer: A hot dog!

77. Question: What did the momma buffalo say to her son before he went to school?

      Answer: Bison!

78. Question: What has 4 Wheels, gives milk, and eats grass ?

      Answer: A cow on  a skateboard.

79. Question: Why do not bears wear shoes ?

      Answer: Whats the use, they’d still have bear feet !

80. Question: What do you call a dog that likes bubble baths ?

       Answer: A shampoodle!

81. Question: What does a calf  become after it’s 1 year old?

      Answer: 2 years old.

82. Question: Why does a giraffe have such a lang neck ?

      Answer: Because his feet stink!

83. Question: Whats a dog’s favorite food for breakfast?

      Answer: Pooched Eggs.

84. Question: What do you give a pig with a rash ?

      Answer: Oinkment.

85. Question: What do you do if our cat swallows your pencil?

      Answer: Use a pen.

86. Question: What kind of mouse does not eat, drink or walk?

      Answer: A computer mouse.

87. Question: What kind of cars do cats drive?

      Answer: Cat-illacs!

88. Question: What’s a frog’s favorite drink?

      Answer: Croak-a-cola.

89. Question:What’s an alligator’s favorite drink ?

      Answer: Gator-Ade.

90. Question: Where do cows go on Saturday night?

      Answer: To the moooo-vies.

91. Question: Where do sheep get their hair cut?

      Answer: At the baa-baa shop.

92. Question: Why can not hippos ride bicycles?

      Answer: Bike helmets do not fit hippos!

93. Question: What do you call  a messy hippo ?

      Answer: A Hippopota -mess!

94. Question: What did the porcupine say to the cactus?

      Answer: is that you monny?

95. Question: Why Are Elephants wrinkled?

      Answer: Because they do not fit on a ironing board!

96. Question: What is a cat’s favorite breakfast?

      Answer: Mice Krispies.

97. Question: What is a pirate’s favorite’s fish ?

      Answer: A swordfish!

98. Question: What is a horse’s favorite sport?

       Answer: Stable tennis!

99. Question: Why do pandas like old movies?

      Answer: Because they are black and white.

100. Question: How many sheep do you need to make a sweater?

         Answer: i do not khow. i did not think sheep could knit!

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