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Joke 1.
Dad: I am surprised to think today that My son has become a rickshaw driver without an engineer
Sone: Father, I am not a rickshaw driver I just run the van.
Dad: How much money do you earn by running a van?
Boy: It’s not my main goal to earn money My main purpose is to marry a girl.Because she’s saying
something to do or move away from my life.So Dad thought I had no other way except Run Van.

Joke 2.
Dad: Listen to the boltu. If you can get a good result in the examination then I’ll give you a thousand rupees.
Boy: So whether I have to make good results in this year’s exam.
“after some days”
Dad: Oh Boltu by getting the last six month’s money and you see that you are Plus getting plus.
Boy: Yes Dad, I have received so much plus in the last six months and you gave me that much 50$ USD notes.
So from now on you forget the plus thoughts and I forget about money. Because now I have a lot of money.

Joke 3.
Dad: Bolt Dad I have some guests at our house Go go to the shope and bring 1 liter seven up and some cookies for them.
Boy: Do you have any girl of my age with her parents?
Dad: Yes, yes!
Boy: Then give me 20 rupees separately!
Dad: What do you do with 20 taka?
Boy: I will Take her away and tell her that I have brought some chocolate for you.And listen i love you!

Joke 4.
Boy: Dad, I got a million rupees on the road a little earlier.Then dropped it again on the road
Dad: Are you fool! why you droped it again?
Boy: Dad, you’re saying that 1 rupee from the road goes from two pockets of Quraai so i dropped it
Dad: if I used to take one crore, then why would you give me two million rupees, or are you?
Dad: Hey donkey, we don’t have 2 crores of rupees so how could we will give two crores of rupees.
Boy: Oh no….! It’s my mistake dad.

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