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YO MAMA JOKES FOR KIDS! Halloween Monsters

101 Hilarious Yo Momma Jokes book 

  • yo mama’s so UGLY, the government decided to move Halloween to her birthday Halloween came early this year, I am Groot.
  • yo mama’s so ugly,  when she went into a haunted house she gay now with the job application what is that.
  • yo mama’s so ugly,  well she turned Medusa to stone get in the cage.
  • yo mama’s so ugly,  when she died the Grim Reaper refused to take her I’m not taking that wretched pee.
  • Yo mama’s so ugly,  she gives Freddy Kreuger nightmares.
  • your mama’s so ugly,  Jason Voorhees gave her his mask.
  • yo mama’s so fat,  her dreams a Freddy Krueger diabetes no.
  • Yo mama’s so ugly,  she was an extra and okay lady you can take your makeup off now oh that’s disgusting.
  • Yo mama’s so fat,   when she played five nights at freddys go mama’s so ugly whoa when she played five nights at freddys oh man I can’t do this I can’t.
  • Yo mama’s so ugly,  when she played the scary maze game took the job.
  • yo mama’s so stupid,  she tried to eat creepypasta please stop trying to eat me you shouldn’t have done that yo mama’s so ugly Slenderman runs from home.
  • Yo mama’s so ugly,  she made Jeff frown.
  • Yo mama’s so ugly,  man drowned drowned himself again I’m coming for you this isn’t a fun game to play.
  • yo mama so stupid,  she thought Slenderman was the workout program.
  • yo mom it’s so call she made Slenderman freaking jealous his legs are terrible.
  • yo mama’s so ugly,   when it’s Halloween trick-or-treaters give her candy Oh No give her all your candy just give it to.

Yo Mama Jokes for Kids! SML

  • yo mama’s so fat ,  when she put her hand and Jeffie the puppet he got diabetes 1 2 type 2 diabetes ha ha ha shut up.
  • your mama’s so ugly,   when Jeffy saw her you stuck a pencil up his nose oh my goodness I need to get this image out of my brain much better.
  • yo mama’s so short ,  she used to Jeffy the puppet at the suit wait a minute.
  • yo mama’s so stupid,  Reich you is lower than Jeffy the puppet oh boy another friend hello what an idiot.

YO MAMA FOR KIDS! Frank the Cop Jokes

  • your mama yo so ugly,   when she looked out of her window she got arrested no no it was your face huh that’s what they all say getting nikkor.
  • yo mama’s so short,   you can see her legs on her driver’s license photo how do you even freaking drive this care
  • your mom is so ugly,  well she turned Medusa to stone get in the can.
  • yo mama’s so stupid,  she got hit by a cup and told the cops you got lost he down to break stop resisting
  • yo mama’s so fat,   the cop fuser as a roadblock get out of it job get out of the frickin chair that’s a great job you did back there Shirley.
  • yo mama’s so fat,   when she sat on Walmart she lowered the price get back in your chair oh wait now I can get that Nintendo quit
  • yo mama’s so fat,  now Cupid’s arrows couldn’t pierce her I’m giving it all I’ve got oh hey dairy some getting my care oh you’re such a gentleman.
  • yo mama’s so ugly burglars break into her house to close the curtains keep this between us okay seriously that lady will not stop moving people.

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