Funny Animals Jokes for Kids

Here you have a selection of animal jokes to make kids laugh. Jokes can be a good tool to arouse laughter in kids, so has selected the best animal jokes for kids.

Normally when kids enter the Primary course, from  6 years of age, they usually learn some jokes through books and exchanges with their classmates. Do not waste any more time and tell your son a joke! Surely you are going to laugh a lot!.


A mouse tells a rat:

– What are you doing sitting there?

– I’m waiting for a little while

What does a worm say to another worm?

– I’m going to go around the block.


There are two lice on the head of a bald man, and one tells the other:

– Alfredo, let’s get out of here that this land is already paved.


Why elephants do not ride a bike

Because they do not have the little finger to ring the bell.


How can you tell if there is an elephant under your bed?

Because you’re touching the roof with your nose.


A cat was walking on a roof meowing: Meow, meow!

In that, another cat approaches him repeating: Wow, wow!

Then the first cat says:

– Hey, why are you barking if you’re a cat?

And the other answers:

– Is it that one can not learn languages?


A lady is at the door of her house with her cat, a man passes by and asks:

– Spider?

And the lady replies:

– NO, cat!

– What is the fish that smells a lot? Prezioso !!!


– Why does not the elephant use Nivea cream?

Because his little foot does not fit in the can


Two animals meet and one says to the other:

– I am a wolf dog because my father was a dog and my mother a wolf. And you?

– Well, I’m an anteater.

– Go yaaaaa !!!


One fish says to the other:

– What’s your dad doing?

And the other answers:

– NOTHING. And yours?

– Nothing too

That’s two sheep playing soccer. One of them throws the ball very far and says to a partner:

– “Veeeeeeee !!!”.

And the other answers:

– “Veeeeeeee túuuuu !!!!”


– What does a duck tell another duck?

We’re even!


There is a cow, a hen, and a horse, and they are all 14 months old.

Who has more months?

The chicken because it is 14 months old, and peak


What did a flea say to another flea?

– Are we going on foot or are we waiting for the dog?


What is a Butterfly?

A tunneled fly


A man enters a pet shop and asks:

– What race is the parrot?

The owner answers:

– I ignore it

and the man says:

-! what loignorito so beautifully!


What does a jaguar say to another Jaguar?

How are you !!


There is a cow, a hen, and a horse, and they are all 14 months old.

Who has more months?

The chicken because it is 14 months old, and peak


Why elephants are afraid of computers?

For the mouse.


What is the animal that walks with one leg?

Well, the duck


What happens when the grasshopper leaves the garden?

Then enter Primary.


What did a chick say to another chick?

I do not pie!


funny animal jokes for children

There were once two animals that were very friendly; these were the cat and the cock.

One day the cat bought a car and the rooster asked him to lend it and the cat as a good friend lent it to him.

The two of them were very happy, and suddenly when they turned into a corner the car of the cat was shocked, to which the cat says:

– miauuuuuto

And the rooster replies:

– quiquirisquiaga


Two who wanted some crocodile shoes decide to go hunting him.

They killed one two … one hundred crocodiles, until one said to another:

– Hey, since the next we kill does not wear shoes, I’ll leave it.

This is a cute girl who goes through the woods, trips and falls into a lake where there is a crocodile and starts screaming


What did a ganzo say to a ganza?

– Come win.



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